Rhizo 15 - A practical view

What this course is about…

Hello everyone, and particularly those approaching Rhizomatic Learning or #rhizo for the first time. If this course is about anything, it’s about multiple perspectives. It’s about how we learn best and most when taken out of our comfort zones and interact with people from different backgrounds and with different ideas.

I’ve seen a number of tweets and posts from people suggesting that they were a little nervous starting the course. That’s understandable, I haven’t given you very much to work with. There’s a very important reason for this. I’m trying to create room for YOU to fill. If you wanted to simply ‘find out’ about rhizomatic learning you could go online and watch a bunch of videos, read some articles or whatever. Your participation, on the other hand, improves all of our work.

Every time you say ‘i have no idea what you’re talking about’ or ‘that doesn’t jive with what I’ve seen’ or ‘you know, that makes me think of this thing that happened’ or ‘I have the perfect article for you to read’ you make all of us better.

So… feel free to jump in on the hashtag #rhizo15 on twitter, or join the facebook group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/rhizo15/

Nice introductory post here… https://learningshrew.wordpress.com/2015/04/12/uncertainty-in-management-and-embarking-on-rhizo15/
Try writing one if you like. Post it to twitter and the facebook group :)

Looking forward to chatting :)


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  1. May 18, 2015    

    I have monitored the conversations of learners in distance education prog of MA education on discussion forum and due peer learning proposed the generative dialogue in leRning which is similar to rhizomatic learning. Good to see your thoughts too.

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