Rhizo 15 - A practical view

Week 5: Is community learning an invasive species

Rhizomatic plants are chaotic, aggressive and resilient. It models some of the qualities that can make a good learner. The rhizome, however, can also be an invasive species. It can choke other plants out of your garden such that only the rhizomatic plant remains. We’ve just heard from Aras that “the number of active participants [on twitter] are decreasing while density (interaction in the rhizo community) is increasing”. How do we make sure there is always room for new and contrarian voices? Do we need to create a them to have a we? How do we cultivate a community learning ecosystem so that it continues to grow outward rather than inward? What does that mean for learning?

Must rhizomatic learning be an invasive species?

Your challenge
This week take a critical look at the rhizomatic approach. Are we just replacing one authority structure with another? Trading tradition for community? What does this mean in our classroom? How can this get us into trouble? What are the ethical implications of creating a ‘community’ for learning? Community as conformity?


  1. Mary Belcher Mary Belcher
    May 13, 2015    

    I think many ‘corporations’ are rhizomatic and are so aggressive that their structures are choking out communities, the environment, humanity, nations and all kinds of learning environment. Unfortunately, I can’t rack up specifics here, but governments are decreasing funding for schools, and it seems they are trying to privatize all kinds of education. Tax breaks are given to corporations and the rich and then we plebians are told government can’t afford social programs that would encourage communities to thrive. Corporations are taking the oxygen out of the very air we breathe and are trying to privatize water etc.

  2. May 15, 2015    

    Ignore last comment – this seems to be the link to my blog response!http://shukiesweb.blogspot.com/2015/05/community-real-false-and-corporate.html

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