Rhizo 15 - A practical view

Learning is not a counting noun… so what should we count?

Super fun first week. Emotional, exploratory, smart and surprising… what else could you want from a week? One of the major themes that I heard during the week and, interestingly, at the conference where I talked about it, was measurement. We live in a world obsessed with measurement. We’ve had many beautiful examples of ways to visualize what is happening in Rhizo15. I’ve seen a number of conversations around ‘success indicators’ and ‘ways in which i feel good about what I’m doing.’ When we forward the learning subjective, what does it make possible?

This week’s challenge
Get out there and count! What can we measure that isn’t learning? Think about all the other facets of the human experience… can we do better? What about all the fancy tools we’ve seen… can they help? Should we throw it out all together? Can we help people measure themselves? Is there a better way of looking at it? Be theoretical. Be practical… but GRADE ME!

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