Rhizo 15 - A practical view

Learning Subjectives – designing for when you don’t know where you’re going

Welcome to week 1.
Ok friends and neighbours, I have no idea where this is all going to get us, but we’re 1000 tweets in and the course starts right now. Or, if you believe @kwhamon, I missed the start of the course by two weeks. Please remember, you don’t have to read everything. Start from your work, engage with individuals. You might find two or ten or a hundred people to work with, it just depends on how you like to work. If it’s your first open course, you might find this ‘how to succeed‘ video useful. If you’d like to know how to reach people, check out my practical guide post.

Introduce yourself, follow one of the threads of discussion somewhere. Comment on someone’s work. Get acclimated.

Build learning subjectives: How do we design our own or others learning when we don’t know where we are going? How does that free us up? What can we get done with subjectives that can’t be done with objectives?

Time traveller of the week
This week’s winner of the wildly accurate pre-posting on the topic goes to Worried Teacher, for EMERGENT OUTCOMES FROM A FIELD OF WEEDS – OR HOW CERTAINTY CAN EMERGE FROM ANXIETY (A #RHIZO15 STORY)

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  1. April 14, 2015    

    I’d like to start #rhizo15 by answering a question you asked me in #rhixzo14 hangout.

    Essentially the question amounted to my take on “current day” activities as opposed to what one might have experienced in days of #edtechtalk.

    I don’t particularly remember what I said in response to your query; however, it seems very clear to me now–as evidenced by the aforementioned 1000 tweet/2-week (for crissakes a song has been written)—that potential collaborators/contestants/participants/provocateurs/stakeholders aren’t nearly as reticent to “join the fray” as they might once have been…..

    I’d also like to add that those dipping their toes in these online waters for this first time, under “the conditions” of the rhizome, need to understand that the experience is overwhelming to all; even (especially!?!) those so engaged for a decade or more.

    Furthermore, acknowledging this, and asking for help in negotiating whatever it is you find challenging, is a big part of leaving the experience with something close to the sanity which which you wandered into the rhizome.

    Thanks Dave, and here’s to the gift that keeps on giving…#rhizo15

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